Go beyond imaginaries.

There are things that technology can’t overcome, but there are also things that tradition can’t achieve.


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Fragments of matter beyond reality,
to tell about a world where the opposite
lives together



Valeria Degli Agostini, aka “Mantina”, from the name of the sea creatures protagonists of the short film made in 2015: “The Pearl under giant’s furros” (“La Perla sotto i solchi dei Giganti”).

Presented at the regional section of the Venice Film Festival, this animated short film poetically denounces the passage of big ships on the lagoon, also through an inedited underwater recording of the passage of these monsters.
The short film perfectly represents the artistic intent , aimed at finding a meeting point between 3D and stop motion, between digital and analog, between the new and the old, between virtuality and matter.

This search for dialogue between opposites can also be found in the illustrations, made digitally, in acrylic on paper or in virtual reality. Although these techniques are very distant from each other, the element that combines them consists of the use of lights and colors, compositions and themes.

The intent is always to create an emotional image, which immerses the viewer in a fantastic imaginary, through colors, settings and surreal elements.
The colors used are always saturated and dissonant with each other, often very “risky”, but they acquire a sense into the whole of the composition.

The subjects always recall “the fantastic”, through the choice of mythological figures, fantasy or through the revisiting of reality from unusual or fairy-tale points of view.

The leit motiv of “union of opposites” is used, in addition to the technical realization, also in the basic theme. Indeed, the will to leave a mark in the viewer is recurrent, through messages of peace and equality.

Enrico Ruocco, blogger del portale "Tuttocartoni", ha pubblicato una presentazione su di me e sulla mia ricerca stilistica.Riporto qui la presentazione :Valeria Degli Agostini, in arte “Mantina”, dal nome delle creature marine protagoniste del cortometraggio realizzato nel 2015: “La Perla

Ringrazio Lago Film Fest e in particolare la curatrice Morena Faverin per aver scelto tre mie illustrazioni da esporre nella mostra "I linguaggi della percezione" organizzata al CACC di Cittadella. Thanks to #lagofilmfest and particularly to the curator Morena Faverin for choosing three of my drawings to