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There are things that technology can’t overcome, but there are also things that tradition can’t achieve.


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Unlike Eve, Lilith was not created by Adam’s rib, she was created by God at Adam’s side, as his equal, and she was driven out of paradise by refusing to submit herself to her husband.
Lilith appears in the Jewish imagination as a nightly demon and she is associated with adultery, witchcraft and lust.
At the end of the nineteenth century, in parallel with the growing emancipation of women in the western world, the figure of Lilith becomes the symbol of the feminine that does not submit to the masculine.

Acrylics on paper.

Lilith, al contrario di Eva, non venne creata dalla costola di Adamo, venne creata da Dio al fianco di Adamo, come suo pari, e fu cacciata dal paradiso in quanto rifiutava di sottomettersi al marito.
Lilith compare nell’immaginario ebraico come un demone civetta notturno e viene associata ad adulterio, stregoneria e lussuria.
Alla fine dell’Ottocento, in parallelo alla crescente emancipazione femminile nel mondo occidentale, la figura di Lilith diventa il simbolo delĀ femminile che non si assoggetta al maschile.

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